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3784727005t 1m?1415320338 1 photo $4,850
, , USA

Well Broke Gaited Smooth

This fine handsome gelding is not only very well gaited but he was a horse used in coon hunting and lead dogs in the darkness of night Please see several videos and more photos of this fine horse a... SEE MORE DETAILS found on Your Equine Source

3768027147t 1m?1413072315 1 photo $3,500
, , USA

Broke Gaited Molly Mule

Broke gaited molly mule She is 6yr old and is a sorrel She has a star and some white hairs throughout and a flaxen mane and tail She stands 15 0 hh and is well built She has an excellent smooth fox... SEE MORE DETAILS found on Your Equine Source

?1412117321 1 photo $3,500
Owingsville, KY, 40360 USA

Buckskin Gelding Trail Broke Good Gaited and Great Disposition

Beamer is just a super super nice gelding He has a nice gait and a nice disposition Beamer has only been trail ridden and does excellent He will follow you like a little puppy dog He has no buck or... SEE MORE DETAILS found on Horse Clicks

?1412031521 1 photo $3,500
Monticello, KY, 42633 USA

3 year old spotted buckskin smooth gaited gelding

I have a 3 yr old smooth gaited spotted buckskin I just listed her mother on here for sale also I have too many and have to then them down This is a gentle natural gaited light up filly that is mak... SEE MORE DETAILS found on Horse Clicks

No image available $5,900
Watertown, WI, USA

Rare Buckskin Filly

Hearts’aFire Burning Desire RMHA # 201XXXXXX Desi is a Sooty Buckskin red gene negative Filly born May 10th 2013. She has excellent conformation and an outstanding disposition that you can see in h... SEE MORE DETAILS found on Horseville

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More information on Buckskin

:For other meanings of buckskin, see Buckskin (Disambiguation)

Buckskin is a hair coat color of horses; referring to a color that resembles certain shades of tanned deerskin. Similar colors in some breeds of dogs are also called buckskin. The horse has a tan or gold colored coat with black points (mane, tail, and lower legs). Buckskin occurs as a result of the cream dilution gene acting on a bay horse. Therefore, a buckskin has the Extension, or "black base coat" (E) gene, the agouti (A) gene (see bay for more on the agouti gene), which restricts the black base coat to the points, and one copy of the cream gene, which lightens the red/brown color of the coat to a tan/gold.

Buckskins should not be confused with dun-colored horses, which have the dun dilution gene, not the cream gene. Duns always have primitive markings (shoulder blade stripes, dorsal stripe, zebra stripes on legs, webbing). However, it is possible for a horse to carry both dilution genes; these are called "buckskin duns" or sometimes "dunskins." Also, bay horses without any dun gene may have a faint dorsal stripe, which sometimes is darkened in a buckskin without a dun gene being present. Additional primitive striping beyond just a dorsal stripe is a sure sign of the dun gene.

A buckskin horse can occur in any number of different breeds, though at least one parent must be from a breed that carries the dilution gene, and not all breeds do. Since 1963, the American Buckskin Registry Association has been keeping track of horses with this coat color, and although Buckskin is sometimes classified as a color breed, due to its genetic makeup that depends on having one, not two copies of the dilution allele, it cannot ever be a consistently true-breeding trait.

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